Get F.I.T.!

Weight Loss Programs

 The focus of the Get F.I.T. Weight Loss Program is primarily on discovering why you are having trouble losing fat and tailoring a diet that’s best for your needs. We extensively go over your person case to tailor a diet that works for you.


With every package you receive:


-2-Week Jump Start Diet.

-On-Going support in between sessions.

-Tailored diet to keep the fat loss going.

-Fitness plan to help accelerate weight loss.

-Easy, fun recipes.

-Free Facebook support page with other members.

-Free Newsletter Subscription.

-Weight and body measurements.




 I focus on 3 Stages to Success:

1. Getting to Know You. We will dig deep into your health history, family history, past diets, and what a 24-hour day looks like for you. We will take weight and waist measurements to keep accurate track and discuss your personal goals. All this information will help me understand why may be having trouble burning fat. 


2.  Getting To Know Your Body. We will talk about how the first 2 weeks went for you and have a weigh-in to see how your body responded. But more important than the scale is how you feel. We will go over any blood work you may have had done and discuss the importance of protein, fat and carbs are what your ideal ratios should be. In addition, I will discuss your current exercise routine and how to time your meals around it for efficient fat burn.


3. Getting you to stick to it. This is where it counts! Anyone can lose weight-but keeping it off is what matters. We keep youon track with continued support, food education and evaluation of your food diary and exercise routine. These sessions include tracking your weight, talking about food cravings and any other roadblocks. As a certified fitness instructor, I will also help you to develop a roadmap of what your fitness routine should look like to achieve results and which workouts are the best for your goals. We will also discuss how to time your meals around your workouts for maximum results.


Initial Visit: 60 minutes

Follow-up Visits: 30 minutes


Initial Visit: $150

​Follow-up Visits: $70